Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Car Review - Toyota Corolla AE80

page 1
(Abu - the owner)

In this entry I'm gonna take you on a journey to the 80's. As we all know, there are few things that make the 80's cool the cartoons are cool, the movies are cool, the Malaysian Rock scene is cool but the fashion sucks, the R&B sucks & even the car design back then also sucks. Honestly, I don't give a damn much, for this entry I will do my own personal review on Toyota Corolla AE80(thats what Abu claimed)

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(the heart of the car)

The car runs on a 1.3 engine. Its powerful and tough enough to take you anywhere you want. Believe me or not it has been up and down Kulim - Melaka once in three month and Melaka - Kuala Lumpur for almost every weeks without having problems(thank God to that). Not bad for a 20 years old engine. This is one of the reason why the owner wont let the car go. Plus its a gift from his father.

page 3
(the beauty)

He actually rebuild this piece of crap and revive it into a beauty. If I'm not mistaken, his father bought this car at a Giat MARA Training Center for only less than RM2000. Because of the passion for the 80's he spent RM2000 on the awesome paint job, new headlights,custom made sport rims(taken from Proton Saga) and few other things

page 4
(the commander)

As you can see here, he stills kept the original parts like the steering(with custom leathering), the speedo meter and the gear knob. You see fellow readers, if you into old cars, get the original parts. It will increase the value of the car.

page 5
(the pleasure)

With its re-cushion front and rear sits, who cant resist the charming of the owner. This is one thing you need to know about about the owner's girlfriend, she is a hotty(will come back on this topic in 2 or 3 weeks time). The lesson here guys, does not matter what car that you are driving if you keep it clean, you gonna dig chicks.

page 6
(the beatbox)

This part is my favourite, I love music very much and I love what the owner did to this car about it. With it custom made Blaupunkt Audio System(you can get it from the old Proton's car) and a pre-amp connected to it. Who can't resist the power of the trebble produced buy it trough a custom made Creative Speakers(Can buy them at a Computer Shop). Try and plug in a Michael Jackson Cassete album and hear the sound, doesn't it sound awesome?

back drop
(keep it going)

This is my summary for this entry, its not about the car much but its about presentation. You see readers, if you creative enough you can turn crap to beauty. That is what Cikgu Dollah keeps telling me, "Emann, you got to show the beauty". You can apply this in anything, it doesn't have to be just portrait, you can apply it on anything. Get creative ya. All the best and have fun


  1. Wahahah.... Benda lama da mcm bru da ha!

  2. wow... nice... macam mood cerita korea pun ada. haha.


  3. cantik.... lawa... aku pon ada sbiji keta mcm nie.. tp x pnah g ambk gmbar secantik nie