Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Something I Wanna Share

In this entry I wanna share 3 stages of my picture processing. I will use one of my studio shot that I took during a session organized by Haris aka Aaron at The Scope Studio owned by Taufik Zakir. The lighting was setup by Haris himself.

(Picture 1 - the original picture)

If you look at Picture 1, you notice that the picture is under. The reason why I shot it underexposed is because I can easily enhance the colour, lighting and exposure without disturbing the detail. I'm very confident with it because I shoot RAW. These are my exiff data;
Iso : 100
Focal Length : 70mm
Aperture : f13
Shutter Speed : 1/200

I'm using my Sony a850 with Sony 24-70mm f2.8 CZ for the whole session.

after enhance
(Picture 2 - Photoshop Lightroom enhancement)

After I import my pictures into Photoshop Lightroom, I did the crop and basic enhancement. These are my Enhancement ;
Exposure : 1.0
Light : 20
Clarity : 30
Vibrance : 50
Orange Luminance : 30

Not that much right? Its simple, try it and find out.

End result
(Picture 3 - Final touches on Photoshop CS3)

The keyword here is "Put Some Effort". The reason why I said this is because you can always find the tutorial on youtube.com Its because I did the same thing. What I did on this picture is very simple which is;
1. Remove spots and blemishes
2. Enhance Colour
3. Soften skin
4. Curves

Just add "How to ____________ in photoshop" in the search area, the search engine will find it for you. One more thing, understand "add layer mask" tool in photoshop. Trust me, It helps a lot

All the best and happy processing